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Optimization, development and improvement

of controls for your company.

Management optimization, development and improvement

of internal controls, reliability ofinformationfinancial

fordecision making and bettervisibility by stakeholders.


With our expertise and methodology based on years

experience of partners in BIG 4,we carry outaudits

of independent financial statements.We auditcompanies of all sizes.


Our audit experts use allyour knowledge

and experience to help solve,as per reportsfinancial information presented, your doubts and questions.

We also identify improvements in yourbusiness, andpossiblerisk areas for the organization.


We are experienced in conducting the auditin several areas business.

Vorcon - Audit

Decisions that have a major impact on your business.

Review of Financial Statements

Vorcon can review yourdemonstrationaccountingand issue onediagnosis through a review reportof yourfinancial position and operations.You can also count withthe service of our experts for makingof decisions tobig impact about your business.

Vorcon - Accounting Audit

Vorcon can review your demoaccounting, and issue adiagnosis through a review report of your positionfinance and business operations.


A review consists of inquiry processes, procedures analyzes and discussions related toinformation offered for you. Then we will evaluate the detailsmentioned,whether they are plausible for your business.


A new perspective can be beneficialwhenit's about your financial situation. Our team of experts can reviewits financial statements, andcount on the service ofVorconfor making major decisionsimpact onyour business.

Let's check the numbers that are plausible accordinglywithGenerally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP - Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) and then issue areport which describes our process and conclusion.

Assurance Works and Previously Agreed Procedures

Previous procedural workawakethey can involve the application by the auditor of certain procedurestossrelated to individual items of financial data(as for example, accounts payable, accounts receivable,shoppinginshovelrtes related and sales, as well asprofits from a segmentfrom the entity), an isolated financial statement (for example, thebulletnoassets) or even a complete set ofdemonstrationaccounting ions.

Vorcon - Assurance Works

Not all topics will be appropriate topics for the hearingstory nor for formal warranty reports. In these circumstances, oneagreed procedure can bea solution. Under such an agreement to carry out very specific work to cover the areasof the company of greatest concern, in a more focused way.

We can define a set of procedures foraudit that can meet your specific needs.


Previous procedural workawake they caninvolve the application by the auditor of certain proceduresdimentsrelated to individual items of financial data (asfor example, accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchases of related parties and sales, as well as profitson onesegment of the entity), an isolated financial statement (e.g. the balance sheet) orsamea complete seteto of financial statements.


The purpose of the work of previously agreed procedures consists of the application, by the independent auditor, of processdiments audit process agreed between the auditorindependent,the entityand, eventually, third parties, with theconsequentissuance of reportthoriumwith the discoveries of facts specificallytattooeds (hereinafter referred to as "report with findingsfactuals")

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