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Optimization, development and improvement

of controls for your company.

Vorcon can assist yourcompany in carrying out proceduresaccounting inherent to the activitiesof the organization, considering all theLaw Suit required for thelegislation It is to the standardsIt is practices adopted accounting standards, which are in force in Brazilian territory.


Among the work carried out, Vorcon can help your company in the process of preparing financial statementsfrom the company,as:


-  Monthly balance sheet;

-  Depreciation and amortization maps;

-  Writing of the Real Profit Calculation book (LALUR);

-  Preparation of Digital Accounting Records (ECD);

-  Others.

Vorcon - Accounting Administration

Accounting Administration

Financial management


AVorcon he can to help yourcompany atdriving from theadministration financial, by carrying out:


-  Control of accounts payable and receivable;

-  Issuance of checks for signature;

-  Bank preparation and reconciliation;

-  Preparation of budgeted cash flow;

-  Preparation of cash flow;

-  Other services in the financial area.

Vorcon - Financial Administration

AVorcon he canto help your companyat the process of preparing thefinancial statements:

-  Monthly balance sheet

-  Depreciation and amortization maps

-  Writing of the Real Profit Calculation book (LALUR)

-  Preparation of Digital Accounting Records (ECD)

-  Others.

We offer onevarietyin services in the field of financial reporting:


-  Financial audit reports

-  Legal review

-  Agreed procedures

-  International Standards Financial Report


Vorcon auditors offer personalized services according to with the specific individual needs of each client.  

Tax Administration

A Vorcon pode auxiliar sua empresa a realizar procedimentos e rotinas fiscais com relação às atividades desenvolvidas pela organização, em conformidade com os procedimentos exigidos pela legislação.


Dentro do escopo dos trabalhos desenvolvidos por nossos profissionais está:


O recebimento de documentos fiscais físicos e arquivos, como o envio da ECF e controle da produção e do estoque (Bloco K).

Fechamento fiscal (Indiretos), a exemplo da apuração dos impostos (ICMS, ICMS ST, IPI, PIS, COFINS e ISS), emissão de NFTS e a apuração dos impostos e emissão de guias, entre outros. 


-  Obrigações Acessórias, como a elaboração do Sped Fiscal, da DIRF anual e do:

-  EFD - contribuições Sped, emissão das Guias de ICMS, entre outros serviços.

Fechamento fiscal (Diretos):

elaboração da PERDCOMP, revisão da apuração IRPJ, CSSL e ECF.

-  Faturamento: Envio de solicitação de faturamento e cadastro do cliente e emissão das notas fiscais.

A Vorcon he can assistantyourcompany to carry out procedures andtax routines with relationship to the activities developedfor the organization, in accordance with you procedures required by law.

Labor Administration

Youprofessionals from theVorcon are ready Thehelp your companywith administrative services in the labor area.


Among the services provided are:


-  elaboration of theLaw Suitinadmission,vacationIt istermination contractual

 Calculation and issuance of payrolls and receipts (monthly

   and 13th Salary), vacation and vacation provisions and 13th salary.

- Emissionof the guides retreat (IRRF, GPS,FGTS andContribution


 Union monthly fee,Confederative, Assistance and Employer)

   correspondents to payroll

-  Admissions and Terminations Processing

-  Registration and updating of CTPS

-  Records and updates in the employee book or file

-  Monthly delivery of GFIP and Social Connectivity

-  Rais Annual Delivery

-  DIRF (DP)

-  Preparation of statements to employees

-  CAGED delivery

-  Vacation List, with vesting period

-  Expiration relationship of monthly experience contract

-  CND: monitoring of CND (FGTS/INSS) via internet

-  E-Social Preparation

Vorcon - Tax Administration

Outsourcing | Staff Loan


Forassistantyour company, Vorcon offersOservice ofOutsourcing | Staff Loan, which consists in to allocate professionals specialized ofareasaccounting, Supervisor, financial and administration of personnel, theleave from the need of client, forto integrate the team internal of your company, whether for a fixed contract or for a period.


A Vorcon makes available its experienced professionals to helpin several activities, as in analysis processes, transitions,licensematernity and/ or health, vacation coverage, among others.

Ourservicehas to goal optimize Otime of routine tasks and organize the management of your company.

Our professionals are ready to help your company.



AVorcon allocates professionals specializedin themoremiscellaneous areas for to integrate The team internal inyour company during one period.


System Parameterization


AVorcon provides to the companies Oserviceparameterization in Systems from works such as:

-  Accounting, tax, labor and financial parameters

-  Accounting Parameterization related to the segment ofcompany

-  Implementation accounting plan of accounts

-  Implementation of RFB's reference chart of accounts

-  Financial registration

-  Standard release creation

-  SPED Accounting

-  EFD Obligations

-  Other services

Preparation of Income Declaration - Legal Entity

Our Income Declaration Preparation work in Legal Entity (DIPJ), current Tax Accounting Bookkeeping (ECF),aim to detail the ECF.


Youworks are developed fromof useindocuments and receiptswith tax validity of the Revenue Department Federal. 


Among the works developed by Vorcon are:


-  Guidance and control regarding the application of the devicescurrent legal regulations;

- Elaborationfrom thedeclaration Yearly inincome It is documents correlates;

-  Any other compliance with other requirements set out in normative acts.

Preparation of SPED's

AVorcon offers helpyour company in the preparation of SPED´s, such as SPED Contábil, Fiscal, Fcont, PIS/COFINS and eSocial.

Vorcon - Strategies

More Vorcon solutions

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