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Condominium Audit

The condominium audit work carried out in a preventive manner allows the property managers to present a financial statement without any doubts, and helps to eliminate a large part of the "dreaded discussions" that occur at residents' assemblies.

Our portfolio of services and solutions is one of the most complete on the market, as they enable greater transparency and security for all Condominium stakeholders.

Vorcon - Condominium Audit

Added value

Our objective is to contribute topromote safety andtransparency for thecondominium owners, that the resource pages to ccondominium, are being used in an appropriate and advantageous manner, for the faithful fulfillment of all their purposes, which is why we begin the work with all the readings that involve the rules of thecondominium, such as Minutes, Convention/Statutes, Internal Regulations, etc.

AVorcon has the purposehelp theliquidator and the administrators in yourmanagement, in order tosupport thecondominium owners how much are the paymentsions of accounts, indicatingpossible corrections to be made, thus avoiding losses to any of those interested and involved in themanagement condominium.

Reliability and effectiveness in information and accountability reports;

Assessment of the administrative internal control system, aiming to minimize various financial and tax risks;

Security and transparency for the property manager in supporting their accountability in an audit report;

Improvement of management information to be offered to condominium owners;

✓  Support for the fiscal council;

Suggestion of corrective actions in administrative and financial operations, etc., and

Improvement of management information to be offered to condominium owners.

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