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We optimize and identify the best corporate and tax structure.

Vorcon - Tax and Tax Advice

 Tax and Tax Advice

Vorcon can help your organization make adiagnosistax and an analysis of its operationsin order toChecksr os main tax impacts.

From this diagnosis of operations it is possible identifyopportunities to reduce current load tax orcreditsarising from undue taxation, difficulty in inter-pretationof legislation, divergences inparameterizationsof systemsor yet, lack of tax or accounting records orspearmentsand improper bookkeeping.

Tax Advice

The main consultancy services are:

Tax Diagnosis;

Proposing ideas to reduce the tax burden andlifttamentoand monetization of federal and state tax credits;

Preparation of claims for special regimes;

Analysis, identification and monitoring of incentivestax;

Support in handling inspections;

Preparation of specialist expert reports to support processesadministrative and judicial matters, administrative litigation, etc.

Furthermore, we assist our clients inrestructuring operationscorporate (incorporation, merger, spin-off,increasecapital, etc.),with the objective of optimizing and identifying the best corporate structure and tax.

Administrative Litigation

The litigation service administrative of Vorcon isintention carry out aassessment thorough ofpotential risk ofyour company and,leave In addition, prepare astrategic plan for agreementwith theneedofclient, in order to reduce the Law Suit of impactsunfavorableisgenerated by theLaw Suit inResources Humans,Revenue and Taxes.


Vorcon can assist yourcompany to theto analyze the procedurestoss tax; provide preventive support withhereo tax lawsto the;and develop losses of tax origin withlegal focusIt is accounting.

Tax Diagnosis, Proposition of ideas of reducing thecharge tax and Collection and Monetization ofCreditsTaxfederal and state In Brazil, the laws taxes are diverse and thismay make it difficult to correctly interpretdeviceslegal, the preparation and control of the calculation of taxes and cause overpayments or undue payments.

Vorcon can help your organization make adiagnosis tax and an analysis of its operations in order to verify the main tax impacts.From this diagnosis ofoperations it is possible to identify opportunities toreduction of the currenttax burden or credits arising from taxationundue, difficulty of interpretationof legislation,divergences in system parameterizations or even, lack of tax records oraccounting or posting

Civil Litigation

The serviceof litigation Vorcon civilcovers Themost ofproblems from thelife everyday, asobjectionslinked tosawlations of contracts, disputes between partners orshareholders, brandsIt ispatents, possessory rights, among others.

Tax Advice

Our work covers all federal taxes, state and municipal and labor charges and social security, taking into accountconsiderationthe period statute of limitations of 05 (five) years, such as: TaxCorporate Income (IRPJ); Social Contribution on Profit (CSLL); I ProgramSocial integration (PIS);Contribution to OFinancing Social Security (COFINS); Taxabout Products Industrialized (IPI); Tax on Financial Operations (IOF); Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS);

Service Tax of Any Nature (“ISSQN”); Labor and social security charges (INSS, FGTS,etc.);and, Any other Federal Tax,State and Municipal.

Vorcon - Tax Compliance

Tax Compliance


Taxes have an impactsignificant in costs andperformance ofcompanies. In this way, it is essentialThecorrect administration of taxes in Brazil.

Some of ourservices in compliance can be consulted below:


Indirect Taxes

Vorcon offers solutions forassistantthe areatax of companies and groups business Theto fulfill with countless existing tax rules,  such as:


Review of tax procedures for calculating ICMS, IPI, ISSQN, PIS, COFINS IOF, CIDE,tax Import, Retentions, compliance with special regimes, among others; Preparation of Books to support extemporaneous credits in PIS, COFINS, IPI and ICMS;   Review, managementor fill ofaccessory obligations (EFD-ccontributions,EFD-ICMS/IPI, GIA, Siscoserv, PER/DCOMP's and similar).

Direct Taxes

The Law area covers related topics to IRPJ and CSLL and offers the followingservices:

Review of the IRPJ/CSLL calculation basis;

Completing or reviewing the completion of the ECF;

Tax consultancy on the interpretation of legislation;

Implementation and review of control related toSearch & Development (R&D).

Review of Labor and Social Security Processes

Omonitoring ofgreeting ofobligations labor andpensions from thecompany, in addition to preventing the occurrence of contingencies too influences the financial statements which,Themedium and long term, will reflect theplanningand thedecisionssocketsin the present.

Review of Labor and Social Security Processes

In addition to be fit Theguide and support your company in analyzing theproceduresnowadopted, seeking outthe identification It isminimization of labor and social security risks relatedsto yoursemployees,self-employed, representatives commercials,providers of services andcooperatives, the consulting division of

Vorcon carries out studies to grant benefits,forThe Implementationof profit sharing plans and results and for the implementation and management of time banks.

Transfer Pricing

We execute Theelaborationand/or review of the calculation, good como Thedefinition of policies inprices intransfer relating to import It isexport of goodsrights and services subject tocurrent rules.

In additiondissO, at thescope in planning inprices transfer,we can also helpr yours companyTheminimize potentialcials settings inprices intransfer It isoptimize to your operations inside of parameters of rules inprices transferBrazilians.


In case ofinspection we can mediate to thecommunications with tax authorities and assist thecompany at the service.

Our teamis prepared for youto givebroad and complete coverage in:

Diagnosisof the procedures labor and pensions

Review of the sheetpayment and related routinesoneof Analysisof the plans inbenefit It isyour controls Revision of controlsrelated to outsourced services Debt collection and social security credits Social security planning.

Advice to thepresentation of defense to infraction notices and otherltto the.

Advice in collective negotiations Management advice

incontingencies labor Analysis of procedural provisions labor.

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