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We are proactive in managing risk by creating internal controls.

Planning involves dreamingthe future and make tangiblethesechanges in the present. It doesn't matterif your goalis to increase the volume ofsales orcompany size, your employees will notknow how to act without good planning. At the time todo it, noremember to always take into account the valuesand the business mission, they must guide the entirestrategy that will be used by the company.

Vorcon Consultoria

We project results through internal auditing.

Consulting and Risk Management (CGR)

Risk management, according to ISO 31000, is the terminologyused to define a set ofstrategic actionsgic, such as identification, administration, conduction andpreventionof the riskslinked to a particular activity.

Proper risk managementit's not that simplehow much your identification and mitigation.

Organizations must think ahead and go beyond, implement proactive frameworks that not only detectO risk, but also help improve the strategic and operational foundations of your business.


The Consulting and Risk Management (CGR) area ofVorcon workswith customers ofmanner proactively manage risk through the creation of internal controls.

We also helpyoucustomers to project results perquite in internal audit.

Vorcon Consultoria

The Vorcon team collaborates withadministration in develop a strategy that alignsoperation, the potential market and thetechnology with the growth infar awayterm.

In short, we help customers manage theirprograms and strategies.

Our team is close to the customer toI drawlver andmanage low-cost strategiesthat addvalue and that they aresustainable in the long term.


Risk management, according to ISO 31000, is the terminologyused for  define a set of actionsstrategic,such as identification, administration, drivingand prevention of the riskslinked to a particular activity.


Proper risk management is not so simpleas simple asyouridentification and mitigation.

To theorganizations must think ThefrontIt isgo beyond,to implement proactive structuresthat no just detect the risk, but also help to improve thestrategic bases andoperations of your business.


The Consulting and Risk Management area (CGR)by Vorcon works with customers proactively tomanage therisk through the creation of internal controls.We also helpcustomers to design results through  of internal audit.

Internal Audit

A Vorcon develop personalized programsaudit internal, with O intention to present the results to the management It isto the partsinterested.

In additionto identify possible problems, we work withomTheadministration to implement appropriate solutions.

Vorcon Consultoria

Executives and Audit Committees have used the processin audit internal like a wayinevaluate nojust thequality, but for to know Ocost and the risks involved in a company and generatevalue across the organization. 

Risk Consulting and Management professionalsscos (CGR)from theVorcon they are dedicated Theserve youcustomers, it presentsndo approaches innovative that drive O value It ishelp as companies Theto assess Theefficiency inyour functionsand processes operational.


It is for Osmall orbig deal,we develop functions personalized internal audit, with the aim of presentingyouresults to management and interested parties.

In addition in identify possible problems, we workwith The administration to implement appropriate solutions.


Despite customers' business – or if theaudit internalalready exists, Vorcon develops a framework individual according to the needs of each company.

We have aapproach only It isours professionalsthey are fully involved in the work carried out.

Governance & Compliance

Per accountinregulatory changes with relationshipto the increase of the scratchsfor companies, the entrepreneur faces a seriesin complexities, in order to boost the success of the organization.

Our professionals in the Consulting area work with the clients fordefine, execute and monitor strategiesinmanagement inrisk,and ensure what they attend everyone you requisites incompliance and best practices. 

By our team to have experiencein serving the market in various sectors,this allows let us provide to customers onelevel badis skilled in services, and we develop a solution that It is flexible, adaptable and sustainable.

Vorcon Consultoria

We have one structurein qualified professionals with expertise It isknowledge market to assess the effectiveness of your frameworkin governance,providing a vision proper with relationship Theculture, employees and values of your organization.


In periodsincrisis financial, investors choosedustr a more effective governance incompanies and more informationtransparent about risks and uncertainties.

There isonegreat number in guidelines It isregulation, in qhuhyouadvices incompanies public andyourcommissions have the responsibility ofdirect the reportsin assuntoss asshareholder remuneration, financial reporting andauditexternal.


Aeach turn more governance has been important, and the role of Commission inAudit is in the foreground. Therefore, governance and thedevelopment inreports financial trustworthy he has played a vital role.


Our team can assist you and your company in the assessment of structures andkey processesperformance and benchmarkingofbest practices.

Internal controls

Vorcon has helped youcustomers with solutions innovative to generate value while maintaining compliance.We help Theto improve your financial reporting processes and creating synergy across the entire organization. 


Youprofessionals of the areaof Risk Consulting Services

(SCR) have years ofexperiencein advising clients to follow the best planning system, which in addition to fulfilling theconformity,it will also improve your business processes.

We knowthat companies can become overwhelmed by trying to follow therequirements internal control, and our professionals help guide them,using Theour experiencein variedsegments.

AVorcon assists all types of customers who want to establish strict internal controls. 


Us ever we think about Owhat he can to emergeat thefuture, It is that ushe didto develop onesystem for to monitor Theeffectiveness ofinternal controls, identify your deficiencies, It is provide a guide on theprocesscompliance to meet to the requirements current.


Ours professionals recognizeOcost into maintaincompliance edo all Oeffort to to helpto thecompanies The to establishone model which works best for allocation inappropriate resources and at the right time.

AVorcon he hashelped you customers with innovative solutions for generate value while maintaining compliance.

We help all you types incustomers whatwish to establish strict internal controls. 

Due diligence

Due Diligence is a high quality diagnosis, on a company, a project or a unit ofbusiness.YouexpertsdVorcon make a analysis of the risks and diagnosis complete from the company,demonstrating questions accounting, financial,taxand labor.

A DueDiligence It isoneprocedurefundamental tosecurity of any investment.

You services inDiligence,they arediagnostics in high detailed qualityabout a company, a project or a unit ofbusiness.


The Vorcon team, which is specialized, analyzes the risks, a diagnosis of that company, demonstratingaccounting, financial, tax and labor issues.


From from that,the entrepreneur can take one decision the best quality about what to doIt iswhich Thedemand of that project,company or business unit.


O service of Due Diligence analyzes the company's chronology, withOur professionals achieve this, synthetically or analytically

whenfornecessary, Show Otrue added value ofcompany.


You professionals by Vorcon they can help you and your company withdiagnostics ofhigh quality It isthat canaggregate value To your business checking what are thematters whatthey are inScheduleand whattheres the issues to be addressed.

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