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Who we are

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Hello, we are Vorcon

Vorcon Audit & Consulting is a company that arises with the purpose oftransform our clients into satisfied organizations in relation to their management processes, internal controls and decision making. Has high expertise in auditing and Conconsulting nationally and internationally, as well as company valuation and business development.

Develops innovative solutions in the management area, routines, processes, controlsinternal, in addition to carrying out management, financial and accounting diagnosis.

Organizational Identity


Provide the best servicesAudit, Tax Planning,Consulting and Controlling, bringingefficiency and effectiveness in managingbusiness, increasing security,control and positive returns to our customers and key stakeholders.



Be recognized by our customers as one of themain Brazilian companiesin the audit segments, consultantand consultancy in management, contributing to its growth and evolution.


  1. We focus on the individuality and personalization of each client;

  2. We seek the greatest satisfaction of our customers, we give individual and targeted attention to each one;

  3. We are dedicated to solving our customers’ problems and needs;

  4. We always seek the highest technical knowledge from our Consultants;

  5. We have ethics, respect and commitment to our internal and external customers;

  6. We are honest and sincere in our communication;

  7. Focus on results in a direct and objective manner, mitigating risks, seeking to achieve the best results.

identidade organizacional

Our team

We are a team made up of professionals with years of experience in external audit/internal,Consultancy,Management, among other expertise. Your leadersaudit arecoming from the largest global auditing companies conducting business in accordance with the best professional practices in the market.

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Luiz Carlos Lopes Viana


Luiz Viana has more than 10 (ten) years of experience in accounting, auditing and consulting. He worked for almost 4 (four) years in a multinational external audit company (big four) and for 3 (three) years as financial manager of a large group of Angolan companies. He is currently also Managing Partner of Finance and Accounting at VISOVI Group in Angola.


Luiz Viana, has experience in various segments, such as the mining, real estate, chemical, IT solutions, hospitality, oil and gas, agribusiness, electricity, automobile, educational, television, retail sectors. He also has experience with development and mentoring of startups.

Luiz Viana is responsible for meeting the demands of customers abroad, nationally and regionally, presenting lectures and seminars. He is qualified by the Regional Accounting Council of the State of Bahia (CRC-BA) with active qualification in the National Register of Independent Auditors of Brazil (CNAI - General and CVM) and by the Regional Administration Council of the State of Bahia (CRA-BA). CMC ® Certified Consultant  (Certified Management Consultant) by IBCO and ICMCI. He graduated inBusiness Administration It isAccounting Sciences both from the Federal University of Bahia –UFBA. Completing an MBA in Accounting Practices with a focus on Tax Consulting, Accounting and ancillary obligations byVisconde de Cairu College, Specialization inConsulting for MSEs for theFIA/CFA, and has already worked as an MBA professor atUNIJORGE teaching classes in the Controlling and Finance class.


Works as a volunteer in the following roles:

  • Director of Professional Development at IBRACON (9th Regional Bahia) - Institute of Independent Auditors of Brazil (2021x2023);

  • President of IBCO – Brazilian Institute of Organization Consultants (2021 x 2024);

  • Vice-President of IBEF – Brazilian Institute of Finance Executive of Bahia (2019x2021);

  • Advisor and Member of the CRC-BA Supervisory Chamber.

  • Coordinator of the CRC-BA Auditing Standards Study Committee;

  • Member ofFinance Center from CRA – BA;

  • Member of the Compliance Committee of the Bahia Faculty of Law;

  • Columnist on Auditing, consultancy and accounting content at Book Value.

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