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Tax Consulting

To start theTax Planning, first the company needs to analyze and understand which the best form of taxation will generate the greatesttax savings, whether by SIMPLES NACIONAL, PRESUMED PROFIT or REAL PROFIT.

To better understand and carry out the best planning, we offer our clients the analysis of their business and the calculation of the best form of taxation by comparing the estimated revenue x tax impacts in the 3 forms of taxation, analyzing the particularities of each business , advantages, disadvantages of each taxation system and the cost benefit


AVorcon can help your organization carry out a tax diagnosis and analysis of its operations in order to verify the main tax impacts.

From this diagnosis of operations, it is possible to identify opportunities to reduce the current tax burden or credits arising from undue taxation, difficulties in interpreting legislation, divergences in system parameters or even, lack of tax or accounting records or improper entries and bookkeeping.


Our main services in the field of tax consultancy are:

  • Tax Diagnosis;

  • Calculation and Recovery of Tax Credits;

  • Tax Compliance;

  • Transfer Pricing;

  • Tax review and planning;

  • Advice on ancillary obligations (SPED’s, E-Social, ECF, ECD, etc.);

  • Tax outsourcing; It is

  • Labor and social security review.

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