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in the management area

Our services

Vorcon seeks excellence in the provision of services offered, presenting innovative solutionsutions in the management area, routines, processes, internal controls, in addition to carrying out management and financial diagnosis

It is accounting.


Vorconoffers services of independent auditwhat

impacts onoptimization ofmanagement, development andimprovement of controls internal, reliableage of

informationfinancialfordecision making and bettervisibility by stakeholders.


Vorcon can help your organization to make a fiscal diagnosis and a analysis of your operations in orderto checkthe main impactstaxpayers.


The planningenvolvedream the future andmake tangiblethese changes ingift. It doesn't matter if yourgoalis to increase the volume ofsales or the size ofcompany, your collaboratorsnowill know how to act withouta good planning.


Vorcon can help your company inprocess of preparation of demonstrationsfinancial:

- Monthly balance sheet

- Mapsdepreciation and amortization

- Bookkeepingbook ofInvestigation    of Real Profit(LALUR)

-  Preparation of Bookkeeping

-Digital Accounting (ECD) - Others.


Other services

Vorcon, with its professionalsexperienced, offerssupport in paralegal activitiesin your company.

We have the knowledge ofour professionals for services of formalization of legal entities,Besides the fiscal and registration regularity ofcustomers in whattange to theagencies regulatory It is public agencies.

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